torsdag 26 augusti 2021

Goda nyheter från CS

Jag var ikväll inne på Coinshares hemsida och noterade då att jag hade missat nedan nyhet. En del av pengarna från ipon skulle nyttjas för förvärv av olika slag. Kul att se att de levererar på den saken på kort tid och att det kort därefter kommer dylika positiva nyheter, liksom upprepade stora köp av insiders.  

" Thailand’s largest asset management company selects Europe’s largest digital asset investment firm to introduce new investment product
18th August 2021

Europe's largest digital asset investment firm, today announced that SCB Asset Management, Thailand's largest asset management company, has launched SCB Blockchain, a feeder fund investing into the Invesco Elwood Global Blockchain UCITS ETF which tracks the CoinShares Elwood Global Blockchain Equity Index.

The digital asset sector has grown materially since the start of the year. There are currently over $2T worth of digital assets in circulation (1) with total assets under management (AUM) in publicly listed digital asset investment products exceeding $50B, and $4B of the aforementioned AUM is held on the CoinShares platform (2). Alongside the growth of digital assets, the number of investors interested in gaining actively managed exposure to other parts of the digital asset ecosystem continues to increase. Since its inception in 2019, the Invesco Elwood Global Blockchain UCITS ETF has amassed over $1B in assets.

Chief Executive Officer at CoinShares, Jean-Marie Mognetti, commented, “SCB Asset Management launching this fund, so shortly after CoinShares acquired the equity Index business, is a testament to the rigorous methodology employed by the index and its performance track record. We are very excited to be selected by SCB Asset Management to bring our index methodology and thematic research to a new market and a larger investor base. We continue to focus on expanding CoinShares’ global footprint as we build out our asset management platform and bring trusted, regulated investment products to investors across the globe.

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